I started painting because of my grandmother, who was a very good painter, and lived with us in a basement apartment. I then went on and got my Associate Degree from Highline College near Seattle, where I met someone that changed my life, Art instructor Bill Mair. From him I developed my understanding of color and design, and an urge to further my art career. I went to Washington State University and recieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1978. I met and married my wife there, Cindy. We then moved to the Quinault Indian Nation and lived for 10 years in Taholah. I commuted from there to Olympia and took classes in printmaking. We moved to Seattle in 1989, and I became a studio assistant to my friend and fellow artist, Alden Mason. From him I met many local artists, and began showing at the Woodside/Braseth Gallery. In 2013 I completed a series of classes in Graphic Design from Highline College. In 2016 we moved to Sacramento, California to assist with the care of my wifes father. At this point I began a new series of paintings focusing on the local flora and countryside around the Sacramento river delta, an area that holds much fascination for me. This website then represents my efforts to capture this region.